William Swansen

Career Transition & Leadership Specialist

Never Dream for Success, Be Guided To It Dynamically!

Career Advisor ✦ Job Search Expert ✦ Assist Professionals & Organizations to Promote Themselves and Expand their Networks on LinkedIn ✦ Create and Refine Career-Related Materials ✦ Create Effective Job Search Strategies
Grow daily and improve continually.
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How I Work With You

Video Workshops - Anytime, Anywhere.
Live Courses & Interactive Group Coaching.
One on One Personal Career Success Coaching.

Practical Approach

• Resume Writing and Editing
• Cover Letter Writing and Editing
• Updating your LinkedIn profile and teaching you how to make it work for you
• Identifying Employers, including Hiring Managers and their Contact Information
• Interview Preparation, Practice and Follow Up
• Teaching you a Systematic Job Search System which is Easy to do
• Job Search Coaching
• Assisting with Salary and Benefits Negotiation
• Coaching you on the First 90 Days in a new position to ensure long-term success.

Interactive Courses

The course content is engaging in visual/audio format for easy and quick understanding of learner.

Enjoy and learn in the comfort of your own space- anytime.

Join us for Live Interactive Courses designed to help you in group settings with group collaboration

One on One Personal Coaching designed for specialized care and assistance for the fastest application of skills

At You Service Availability

The training courses are available 24/7 - can be completed anywhere and at any time, on any device.

Designed & built for Career Professionals

Video interactions, note-taking, interactive ebooks, self-assessment, certificates, and much more.
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