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Our Academy and community is committed to creating and to continuously improving effective coaching, advisory, mentoring and methods to help you to design a road map to the life and future you truly want. Created by a financial and business advisor who helped more than 1000 people redesign their lives when working with one of the largest outplacement firms in the world to help it’s clients through unwanted career transition. We now bring you the specialists in career coaching, business design, wealth management and life design to help you live the most robust life you can imagine.

If you want to change your life for the better -

Career Transition and Mastery  

Use a Career Transition to remaster future. Re-align your career to something Share you fully love, enjoy and has real meaning.

Business Creation & Entrepreneurship

Go beyond a job and create unlimited opportunity for yourself and others. Have a special talent?
it with the world and create the success you desire.

Life Strategies

Eliminate anything that holds you back.
Create and live the life that most people financial
only dream of.

Wealth Design & Financial Freedom

Master your financial life, Eliminate debt. Own the wealth building blocks that create unlimited Freedom.
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Out team

Meet our instructors

Douglas Reed

CEO & Founder
I’m Doug, the CEO of Archimedes Worldwide, llc.
After more than  decade helping people just like you with the immediate financial needs of going through a career transition, especially an unwanted career transition, I created LifeByDesign360  and LifeByDesign360-InsiderAcademy to combine world class Career Transition, Career Mastery, Business Mastery, Life Mastery and Financial & Investment Mastery to help you own the life you truly want and desire. I specilize in wealth management, investment management and business management. We combine that with the best career and business coach's and mentors available anywhere to help you to totally and completely re-invent your life.

William Swansen

Career Transition Specialist & Career Leadership Coach
 My name is Bill. I'm and Author, Job Search Strategist, and Career Advisor who assists individuals from all over the world and in a variety of professions in finding their ideal career position.

My clients are successful at finding an ideal position in less time and with less effort. They experience less stress during the job search process and are more confident when networking, interviewing, and starting a new job.

Linda Scotti

Career Leadership, Transition and Development Specialist
Welcome, I’m Linda
Through coaching and facilitation, I empower leaders and teams in fast-paced industries to shift from everyday firefighting to living their vision and creating extraordinary results.
You will benefit from 7+ years of corporate coaching experience and 20+ years in Tech, including 12+ years at Google and 5 years as a Senior Leadership Coach and L&D Manager at Indeed. 
I will help you to:
✔ Conquer insecurities and overwhelm.
✔ Align your actions with your priorities.
✔ Activate high-performance behaviors.
✔ Craft and implement an impactful action plan.
✔ Get noticed for your fast progress and results.
✔ Reach your next level of success and fulfillment.

Noor Shafaq

Career Transition Specialist & Career Leadership Coach
Hello, I'm Noor

I help entrepreneurs and professionals get more clarity and control over their lives and career that support their wellbeing and productivity without feeling like they are juggling too much.
I specialize in area's such as
Life Coaching
Career Development Coaching
Change Management
Interview Preparation
Technical Writing
Corporate Events &  Corporate Training.

Adam Marinelli, MS

Outplacement Specialist, Resume Mastery, Career 
• I help people back on their feet after layoffs & career changes
• Leadership/Executive Resumes rewritten correctly for Recruiters/HM's eyes
• Leverage extensive regional + global network of F500 Execs., Startup Leaders & more
• Facilitate modern workforce development seminars
• 19 yrs; Career Services
• Former Adjunct Professor at SUNY
• Built/led startup's Workforce Development program
Career Counselor | Executive Resumes, Outplacement Services
I sharpen tools to improve job search visibility & career advancement without the BS

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What our students say about us

Course materials were excellent, the mentoring approach was excellent. The instructors did a good job of communicating and making it a more intimate arrangement. 
— Grace Walsh
I received my certificate, and I would like to thank you for your continuous support. The courses were challenging, but my instructors were always there supporting me and ready to help.
— Grace Walsh
I am most grateful that my teacher not only makes learning fun and shares his knowledge, but has passion for his field as well. I could not have found a better place to learn new skills.
— Grace Walsh

What our students are saying

Learning from world-leading academics and practitioners, you’ll not only receive an outstanding grounding in the theory of law, but you will be able to understand how those principles are applied in practice through a range of student-led activities and competitions.

Helen Red

"This course offers all the tools needed to understand financial statements, build better models, make better forecasts and forecasts of growth. You will gain a deep understanding of how to use financial statements, how they're built and what they mean."

Josh Stobart

"This course covers the basic principles of financial accounting, how to apply them in real-world scenarios and how to develop new financial products. By the end of the course, you will be able to evaluate financial statements and balance sheets, identify fundamental business drivers, assess the performance of public companies, manage the cash flow and explain transactions that take place within an organization."

Kate Watson

"Amazing course, great instructors, one of the best financial courses ever. This course gives you a great overview of finance theory, then builds on top of that to analyze various investment strategies, and finally evaluates real world cases where each strategy was employed and its impact was measured. Hugely beneficial for anyone in finance or interested in business"

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