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    Master the ability to know what somebody is telling you without them saying a single word!

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    In every part of life, people are saying things to you every minute without saying a word out of their mouth. Understanding body language is the key to understanding what is really being said. It's know to be a key to sales and negotiation and the fact is, in everything you do, you are negotiating, selling to someone or being sold to.
    What you'll learn:
    • Understand what others are truly telling you with their body language.
    • Be able to catch yourself telling others what you're really saying with your body language
    • Easily know basic body language with one other person or even a group of people.
    • Know the different types of body language between men and women. Yes, it differs and today it matters more than ever.
    • Know when others individually or as a group are telling you the truth or lying to you.
    • Understanding basic mistakes in reading body language.
    • Understand what others are truly telling you with their body language.

    Douglas Reed

    CEO, Financial & Business Coach, Business Owner.
    Doug is the proprietor of LifeByDesign360 and LifeByDesign 360Academy and Community.
    He has more than 30 years experience in the financial field as a Financial Advisor, Financial Coach, Investment Advisor, Business Owner, Investor and Mentor.
    For more than a decade he helped more than a thousand people who went through his Career Transition Financial Mastery Program at one of the largest outplacement firms in the world. He now lives with his wife, Tara and dog, SuzyQ in the Caribbean and helps people live the best life possible based on their dreams and ambition.
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